Our Focus

Government Relations

How can the NMCEL effectively influence governmental decisions related to education to insure that the decisions made by the legislature and the regulations promulgated by the Public Education Department are in the best interest of our students? Effective governmental relations are vital to the accomplishment of the NMCEL’s mission. Three key goals have been identified to address the strategic issue of governmental relations: NMCEL shall promote and support appropriate legislation that will secure funding for research based educational reform initiatives. NMCEL shall communicate an understanding and demonstrate ownership of the educational issues in order to insure student success. NMCEL shall sustain its credibility as a leadership organization that advocates for children.


How can the NMCEL improve existing communication structures and make better use of technology to communicate with members, government officials and the public in general? Effective communication is the lifeblood of a member organization such as NMCEL. Members must feel that information is flowing to them in a timely and unconstrained fashion and the leadership of the organization is dependent on the flow of information from the members to appropriately represent affiliates’ position on issues of advocacy. Two key goals have been identified to address the strategic issue of communication: The NMCEL shall expand the forum for communication to more effectively network with affiliates, education agencies, and business community representatives to present a unified, credible, and positive voice.The NMCEL shall further develop and refine internal communications to produce a well informed coalition membership necessary to address educational issues proactively.

Professional Development

How can the NMCEL provide all members relevant and requisite professional development s that members may both meet requirements and develop best professional leadership practices? Professional development is a cornerstone on the NMCEL. The field of educational leadership is changing so rapidly that what was recently cutting edge may not necessarily be current best practice. One of the major benefits for members is access to quality professional development activities that are responsive to the members’ needs. Two key goals have been identified to address the strategic issue of professional development: NMCEL shall in conjunction with the Public Education Department conduct an annual conference which shall provide timely information on current issues for administrators. NMCEL shall provide leadership development for administrators and instructional staff based on best practices established by research through partnerships with affiliates.