Our Services

Public Affairs

NMCEL is an active participant in the state’s legislative and educational policy development process. NMCEL develops and promotes public policy proposals that address the concerns of school administrators in New Mexico on behalf of our children. NMCEL supports our legislators and public officials who have demonstrated an understanding of education issues from a management perspective and have shown an active interest in legislation that promotes effective schools and effective school administration.

Professional Development

NMCEL promotes professional development for all levels of school administrators. The annual summer conference features national keynote speakers and breakout sessions conducted by New Mexico practitioners. Seminars and workshops are presented to focus on specific needs. Examples are: managing the violent student, leadership assessment and development, strategic planning, site- based decision making, collective bargaining, and technology training. NMCEL collaborates with other educational entities and its affiliates to provide valuable professional development experiences.

Peer Support and Networking

NMCEL activities and services bring school administrators together to share ideas, discuss strategies and promote educational excellence for all school districts. NMCEL members generate enthusiasm for their profession from this interaction and encourage colleagues to maintain a personal commitment to leadership. Our affiliate members will mentor others in their organization upon request and help is available for specific problems. New Superintendent Institute(NSI) is available through our affiliate NMSSA, as well as an Aspriing Superintendent Academy. Our affiliates NMAESP and NMASSP offer a New and Aspiring Principals Workshop annually in conjunction with the NMCEL Annual Conference every summer.


NMCEL publishes a monthly electronic newsletter, THE RECORDER, for its members and partners, which is designed to keep administrators informed regarding current issues. Email messages go regularly to members focusing on key issues. A daily legislative recap goes to superintendents, the NMCEL board and the NMCEL listserve during the legislative session, to be shared with their administrative staff. Brochures are available informing members of services and the NMCEL website is updated on a regular basis with current trends and news.

Recognition Programs

NMCEL sponsors a recognition program honoring outstanding educators in each of the affiliate organizations. Public and private leaders who have made differences in public education are also recognized. The NMCEL Hall of Fame Award, recognizes outstanding retired administrators for service to the state and is decided by the NMCEL Board and award at the Annual Conference in July. Formal presentations are made during the annual summer conference awards luncheon. In addition, NMCEL recognizes two outstanding high school students each year with a scholarship awarded at the the annual conference.

Job Placement

NMCEL assists its members in job placement. The membership is kept informed of job openings throughout the state via the website. Upon request, information regarding job openings outside New Mexico will be furnished. A link to the CES REAP job placement site is on the NMCEL website homepage.