Stan's Straight Talk

Focusing on THANKFULNESS as a Leader

Thankfulness is something that is hard to focus upon in a world of change and pressure such as we are experiencing today. I suggest that reflection on thankfulness during this time of year (especially this year) is an important part of successfully dealing with the dilemmas of leadership that confront us today. The mental and emotional health of all our community is pressured by COVID and the corresponding decline in financial security inherent in our closing of doors to the public. The terrific changes caused by our need to social distance lead to the inevitable loss of personalization and face-to-face time that we rely on for reinforcement and relationships that allow us to thrive.

As an educational leader, you may serve one of the most pivotal roles within your community that can assist us in realizing a vibrant and successful future. You are a beacon that shines bright and are seen as a lamplighter as far as your community’s current and future success. All eyes are on you, especially the children’s eyes. I wonder what they see in your “light” today?  Yep, you are seen as a beacon of hope (or despair), of future brightness (or gloom and doom), of vision (or confusion), of strength (or weakness). I wonder what “reads” they are making this month as they look to you?

Colleagues, our state has hope, derived from the quality of leadership that each of you embody. You have a wonderfully developed understanding of your community. You have a unique commitment to our New Mexico children that raises our standards of service and drives our tireless pursuit of solutions that assure educational efficacy for each of your students that demands a balance between health and safety needs of each and the educational efficacy assured for every child under our State Constitution. You uniquely understand the balance necessary to succeed with both. You are a high value group of individuals that are a key part of our state’s fabric. Together, you have strength and resiliency that assures eventual success. You are difference makers.

For you, I am thankful! I wonder what you find to be thankful for………..?

Best Regards,


Originally posted on Nov 12, 2020