Stan's Straight Talk


Graduation, end-of-year activities, ELTP, K-5+, staffing, budget, planning for next year, board meetings, and more. This time of year is always busy but this year is particularly challenging for most in public schools. I want to recognize the efforts that each of you are making to move back towards normalcy and to finish up this odd year. And, as I travel around New Mexico, I continue to be impressed with the incredible work being done in each of the districts I am visiting!

We are emerging from incredible times where our whole system has necessarily been recomposed and redesigned to somehow deliver the best opportunity for each of our students. We have navigated many things that we never even imagined. To say the least, these times have stretched us to re-imagine our tenets of public education. And certainly, we will be challenged as we move back towards “normal” and will likely never return fully to our past practices. So, how will we move forward and how will we inform and share our collaborative vision? I am inviting you to attend our summer conference July 19-23, 2021 as part of our common visioning and constructive networking.

Please go to our website for the continuing updates we will provide on the conference schedule, networking opportunities, keynotes, and pre-and post-conference opportunities. We will be live at Embassy Suites in Albuquerque. If the health issues impact us in some way where we can’t be “full” we have arranged for broadcast and electronic capture of each session. We also are preparing a robust pre-and post-conference opportunity for your benefit. Our golf tournament is Tuesday morning, July 20 (register and play), with many of the organizational meetings on Tuesday afternoon. Our Platinum Sponsors will be providing networking options and we will be having an awards luncheon on Wednesday, July 21. Our core conference will be Wednesday and Thursday. We will round out the conference with post-conference opportunities on Thursday afternoon and Friday.

Come and join us!!!  WE will be the first live conference of many more to come!

Best Regards,